Detoxing with Calcium Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Yes we do drink dirt, to get rid of dirt, at our Gaia Retreat Center tailored Detox Retreat!

You might’ve used clay mask on your face, but if it’s a detox you need, did you know that you can also drink bentonite clay? This clay has magical-seeming properties that create an electrical charge when it reacts to liquid which allows the clay to seek out toxins and heavy metals in the body, then bind to them and, finally, draw them out of your gut and skin. As part of our detox protocol, you will enjoy bentonite clay *shots* alongside nourishing detoxifying drinks and supplements to balance out your gut as you enjoy daily treatments, colonics and abdominal massage.

This and so much more is included in our 3-5-7-10 day detox retreat program.

For more information and how to book into our signature detox & yoga retreat, visit

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