Personal growth, continuous improvement, lifelong learning…these are mantras for many people today. But good intentions often don’t become action.

Recognizing when we’ve slipped into the stagnant waters of stability, comfort & complacency, certainly isn’t easy.  It happens so gradually until one day we notice how out of shape we have become, physically, mentally and energetically.

And sometimes we need guidance, encouragement and full support by experts to revamp our lifestyle in full throttle while being well looked after with healthy prepared meals, therapeutic treatments to supplement your new journey and most importantly, disconnect from daily demands to fully focus on YOU.

We are thrilled to share our upcoming, empowering retreats hosted by inspiring facilitators, helping you raise the bar up higher in your personal & professional in our sacred sanctuary at Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali

Just to name a few of the retreats coming up . . .

Goddess Retreats designed to empower a women’s lifestyle & remove ancestral blocks and limitations, Insight Workshop including Zen Coaching. Gestalt therapy. Mindfulness. Behavioral-cognitive therapy. Zen meditation, Meditation Retreat by one of the first non-Tibetan teachers authorized to teach Mangalam Yantra Yoga, a secret Buddhist Yoga practice dating from the 10th century A.D., Mindset Workshops to revamp your professional & personal lifestyle while learning how to build deeper more mindful conversations, develop tools for emotional resilience and equanimity – and much more goodness!

Read up on each upcoming event and how to proceed with booking by following the link: http://gaiaretreatcenter.com/upcoming-events.php


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