Enjoy a Gut Healthy, Anti-Inflammatory Diet at our Bali Detox and Yoga Retreat!

Pureed Vegetable Soup and Vegeterian Raw Meal Bali Detox

We all know gut health is super-important, affecting everything from digestion to immunity to mood, heart health, oral health and more.

The goal of our all year round, signature Detox & Yoga Retreat program is to help heal your gut with anti-inflammatory meals and drinks. We eliminate foods with irritants such as GMOs, caffeine, soy, dairy, wheat, and corn to shift your body from an inflammatory state to healing. We incorporate antioxidant-rich healing foods such as spices (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon) and healthy fats such as coconut oil to lower the inflammation set point in your body.

The results are an improvement in the immune system, healing of the adrenals, improved metabolism and reversed diabetes, and/or healing of chronic skin conditions, stronger nails, deeper sleep and renewed zest for life.
At our detox program, you will also enjoy specific detoxifying drinks, natural herbal supplements, holistic treatments, spiritual / meditative activities, yoga and plenty of me-time to cycle into the rice fields, swim, immerse into our pile of good reads and movies on wellness at night under the stars.

Making hot Jamu drink Bali

Chef Koming Gaia Retreat Center Ubud Bali Jamu

Read more to find out how you can gift yourself and loved ones at our Signature Detox and Yoga Programs at Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali by following the link to our website:  www.gaiaretreatcenter.com

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