Sleep and Detox…

Gaia Retreat Center Bali Bedrooms

Sleep – is a vital part of detoxing as part of cleansing, healing and repair that our bodies need.

We need to rest and rejuvenate so the detox protocol has ample time to do what it needs to.

The whole point of detoxing is to rid our bodies of toxins or chemicals we may be addicted to. Our bodies can do this quite well in it’s own way, but we choose to give it a helping hand from time to time.

When we are sleeping our body can focus so much more of it’s energy on the detoxification process for us. Sometimes, changing how and where you sleep can help you achieve a more peaceful sleep. We’ve had fantastic feedback by our guests on clocking in more than 8 hours of sleep.

Tips: Make sure the room is as dark as possible. The temperature should be kept cool and comfortable at all times. Leave your phone at the bathroom – always works to prevent midnight social media check-ins!Studies have shown that a detox works best when we maintain a consistent sleep schedule throughout the detox process. According to Chinese medicine it is recommended you try and get to sleep by 10pm if at all possible for the best effect. Keep in mind that it is not only a matter of detoxing our systems, but giving our body enough time to re-generate through sleep as well.This and so much more you’ll enjoy generously at our detox retreat program.

Gaia Retreat Center - Bedrooms - Sleep


Get your quota of sleep. Inquire about our signature detox and yoga retreat program at Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali, ranging from 3-5-7-10 days by completing the form below: 

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