Signature Meditation Retreat at Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali

TM Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Day to day, stress fills us with so much tension and anxiety that it is often difficult to even enjoy the little things that used to make us happy. It compromises our immune system, stunts cognitive and emotional development, and raises blood pressure. Toxic stress also can fuel a challenging range of disorders: eating, drinking, sleeping, obsessive-compulsive, bipolar, and more. It speeds the aging process and shortens the life span.

The practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) at Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali, is a simple, effortless technique that anyone can learn and enjoy. It allows the active-thinking mind to settle down to its own state of inner stillness at the deepest level of awareness, one that goes beyond all thoughts and feelings. It is your own quiet inner self, before you start thinking, creating, planning, making lists, deciding, worrying and celebrating. It’s always been there, within you. It just gets lost or overshadowed easily by the constant noise and distractions.

Transcendental Meditation Retreat - Brain Food - Villa Gaia



At our full board 5day/4night and 7day/6night Meditation Retreat in Bali, you will take home a skill which will enhance your life more and more as the years go by. Through deep rest at Villa Gaia, daily practices with our accredited teacher, invigorating yoga, 20 minutes personal private meditation time prior to breakfast and post TM session in the evening, holistic treatments and tailored excursions, full board nourishing wholesome healthy meals, our signature retreat will offer a profound stress release, and empower you with the skills to apply TM to your daily life.

On your first session, you will be given a personal mantra (sound) in the same way as it has been passed down for thousands of years in the yoga tradition. This starts with a short ceremony chanted in Sanskrit, the language of yoga, in gratitude (not worship as in religion) from our teacher, which you just watch. This settles the atmosphere and allows the mantra to be passed on the right way to ensure effectiveness of teaching. After some time meditating under the instruction of our certified TM teacher, you will be given the experience of meditating on your own for a short time to build your confidence, and the session ends with further one to one discussion with Wayan. You walk away in the afterglow of your first “real” meditation, deeply relaxed and calm.

You will also learn practical details such as how to begin and end meditation, when and where to do it, when you can do extra and how to deal with daily challenges, noises or obligations The process that TM stimulates is natural and will always work for everyone. Your brain will have greater access to its creative energy while helping reduce the effects of stress, trauma, high blood pressure & diabetes. The daily practice delivers a wide range of practical benefits. It uses your total brain, prevents and reverses heart disease, promotes health and youthfulness, encourages happiness, inner peace, ignites your creativity and teaches you how to balance work and life.

Villa Gaia Retreat Center Ubud Pool

For Rates, Inquiries & Booking towards our 5D/4N and 7D/6N Transcendental Meditation Retreat at Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali – click here – or email us directly at

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