Earthing… Forest Bathing…

Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot on the beach, through the forest or in the rice fields and simply reconnected with the Earth? How good did it feel? 

One of the highlights on our Detox and Transcendental Meditation retreats as well as a fantastic add-on to your private group retreat, is taking our guests out to a refreshing 1.5 hour stroll in the rice fields of Ubud, led by our local Balinese villa manager and botanist at heart, Pak Ngurah.

Earthing is something we are lacking as a society. It’s not just the lack of light and vitamin D that makes us feel low and blue. Our bodies need direct contact with the earth to charge and discharge naturally on an energetic level. .

The idea behind earthing is that the surface of the earth emits a natural magnetic frequency that assists with our circadian rhythm, hormonal cycles, and absorption of negatively charged free electrons which can reduce cellular oxidation and stress.

The body is composed mostly of water and minerals which are excellent free conductors of electrons from the Earth providing there is *direct skin contact* for them to flow through. 

This process can also help during times of intense anxiety and panic attacks. Being able to feel the ground beneath your feet, is a great way to try to ground yourself during these times.

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