Jamu Elixir & Detox Juice Benefits

Behind the scenes at our ongoing Jamu Elixir & Detox Juice Demo Workshop 🍋🍎Beyond jamu’s well acclaimed anti-inflammatory powers due to the antioxidant turmeric, the complete ingredients rejuvenate liver cells and aids the liver function by cleaning the blood and eliminating unwanted toxins from the liver. If you’re interested in cleansing and setting the reset […]

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These Common Foods Are Actually Causing Gut Inflammation

By Yulli Agnes, MD, MBiomed (AAM) Nutritional consultant at Taksu Spa & for Gaia Retreat Center Detox Programs Source: http://www.wellnesshealthadvocate.com Whether you’re struggling with stubborn belly fat, concerning skin break-out or brain fog, you’re likely dealing with low-level chronic inflammation effects upon your body. Inflammation is a complex process involving various cells and chemicals, a necessary […]

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